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Important topic-related vocabulary

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accorder -to grant -to give
l'ambiance -atmosphere -environment
apparaître -to appear -to surface
assurer -to ensure -to guarantee
les beaux-enfants stepchildren
en boîte in nightclubs
le bonheur happiness
le boulversement upheaval
citer -to quote -to state
conduire à to lead to
les conseils advice
crier to shout
la culpabilité -blame -guilt
de plus en plus more and more
décontracté relaxed
se disputer -to argue -to disagree
l'égoïsme selfishness
encourager to encourage
s'énverver to lose one's temper
ferme firm
l'incertitude uncertainty
s'inquiéter de -to worry about -to become anxious
s'installer -to set up -to become established
intenable unbearable
interdit forbidden
mal -badly -not very well
malgré -despite -in spit
le malheur unhappiness
ne ... que only
ne ... rien nothing
nier to deny
pas forcément la faute de not necessarily the fault of
penser à -to think about -about
plusieurs several
quant aux copains as for (their) friends
la rupture break-up
sensible sensitive
sûr safe
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