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A study guide for Windows 10 and basic Windows functinos

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What is Windows Explorer? A file managing application.
What can you do in Windows Explorer? Navigate the hard drive, organize files, display files/folders
What can you keep in a folder? Photos, files, Word documents, ect
Can a folder be empty? Yes
What is the default Windows application for editing text files? Notepad
What is the default Windows application for word processing? Wordpad
What does DOS stand for? Device Operating System
What is the clipboard? The invisible place copied or cut articles are stored
When do you use the clipboard? When you click 'cut' or 'copy' and then paste.
What are the different ways to copy something? Right click > Copy CTRL+C
What is the Windows Task Manager? A program that allows you to see everything running on the computer at once.
How do you open the Windows Task Manager? CTRL+ALT+DELETE
What is the difference between a folder and a directory in operating systems? Folders have a small graphic folder; directories are lists with names and very few images.
What can you do with Windows Paint? Edit images or paint.
What is the task bar? The bar on the bottom or side of the screen.
What can you see on the Task Bar? Running or pinned applications, the time, notifications
Why is the control panel typically used? It contains controls for every aspect of the computer.
What does the dash in the top-right corner of an application do? Minimize
What does the square in the top-right corner of an application do? Restore the application size
What does the 'x' in the top-right corner of an application do? Close the application
What is a user in Windows? The profile/account for the person using the computer.
Can there be more than one user logged in at a time? Yes
Do you need a password for being a user? No, but it is recommended
What is the Window's Registry application? A database with important information about system hardware, installed programs and settings, and profiles of each of the user accounts on the computer
How do you select multiple files that are all together? Click and drag over the files Click the first and then add SHIFT
How do you select multiple files that are separated? CTRL+CLICK
In which drive is Windows located? C
What is a megabyte? A unit of 1 million bytes
Where is information temporarily stored for use by the CPU? The RAM
What is a USB? A connecting device
What does a USB connector look like?
What are two reasons why your computer may be running slowly? You have an update that needs to take place Too many windows are open
What is the Print Screen (PrtSc) button for? Screenshots
How do you manually resize a window? Hover over an edge/corner and then drag once little arrows appear.
What does it mean to "hover" over something in a computer? Rest the mouse over something but not click
What is a "context-sensitive" menu? The menu that is brought up with the right mouse click that changes depending o what has been clicked.
What is a radio button? A round button that is generally given when you have multiple options.
How many radio buttons may you select in any given group? 1
What can you do with a keyboard shortcut? Copy, paste, cut or preform any action quickly.
What are text boxes? Areas where you can type words, numbers or symbols.
What is an icon? A graphic symbol representing either a program or a file.
Where do files go when you delete them? The Recycling Bin
How do you open the start menu? Lower left hand corner or on the keyboard between CTRL and ALT
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