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whimsical adj. unpredictable when referring to behavior and decision. Syn: capricious, freakish impulsive instinctive eccentric
plateau noun. a flat land that is elevated above the ground. or a stable period or condition sometimes an unbreakable limit. Syn: stable, tableland table level stabilize
pioneer noun. a person who explores new ideas/activities (no one else has explored before). Syn: explorer pathfinder adventurer avant-garde inaugural trailblazer first
divergent adj. branching off, differing, or separate. Synonyms: deviating, separate anomalous variant dissimilar
ignominy n. deep humiliation dishonor and embarrassment. Syn: shame disgrace and dishonor baseness sordidness
fervent adj. intense in feeling or passion sometimes glowing hot. synonyms: passionate zealous vehement devout
antidote noun. remedy for poison and other metaphorical things. synonyms: cure elixir remedy neutralizer regulator
veiled adj. concealed or hidden from view. syn: disguised obscured concealed hidden
dupe n. fool that is gullible and easily taken advantage of. v. to make a fool of. syn: ninny fool bamboozle trick patsy victim
cynic a negative critic who doubts the sincerity of motives behind actions. syn: misanthrope naysayer and pessimist skeptic
taciturn adj. unwilling to talk and prefers to stay silent. syn: closemouthed reserved silent aloof reticent
aesthetic adj. visually pleasing, beautiful syn: attractive handsome visual and artistic pleasing
meager adj. lacking in quality or deficient. syn: exiguous, scant, inadequate paltry insufficient
melancholy adj. sad and depressed in spirit also a noun. Synonyms: dismal dejected and dreary
gratuitous adjective. Given without recompense or free. synonyms: complimentary gratis and cost-less unnecessary unwarranted
palpable able to be felt or touched syn: apparent, conspicuous, perceivable, tangible
lampoon noun or verb. publicly criticize by ridicule and irony. syn: parody satire and caricature
prevalent widespread in an area adj. syn: widespread, rampant, commonplace
wallow v. (followed by) in to surround oneself in engulf. syn:immerse envelope flounder reel
countenance facial expression noun syn: face, expression, mask
mendacious adj. not telling the truth, lying syn: dishonest, lying, duplicitous decietful
lurid adj. graphic vividly clear or shocking sensational syn:extreme graphic shocking
notoriety noun. infamy ill-gotten fame
indigenous adj. originating or occuring naturally in a particular place syn: inherent native natural
superfluous adj. unnecessary syn:excessive nonessential redundant extra
curmudgeon noun. a bad tempered surly person syn: grouch grouser sourpuss
horde noun. a large group of people assembled for a negative purpose syn: mob crowd swarm flock
hoard n. a store of money or values. collection of something. v. with object a mass hidden away. syn: stockpile accumulation inventory cache treasure
raconteur n. a skilled and amusing story teller syn: storyteller, orator, narrator, author
debunk verb: show falsehood/disprove myths legends or theories syn: disprove, uncloak demistify
conflagration an extensive fire that destroys a great deal of land or property syn: inferno blaze fire
abhor v. regard with disgust and hatred syn: loathe despise detest
ennui boredom from something that used to give one pleasure syn: boredom, listlessness, melancholy, tedium
angst n. a feeling of worry about something important syn: anxiety apprehension worry dread
apathy n. lack of interest enthusiasm or concern. syn: indifferent, disinterest, uconcerned
hiatus n. a pause or gap in a sequence series or proccess. vacation/break syn: interim, break, lapse, vacation, respite
obsolete n. no longer in use. out of date. syn: antiquated, archaic, extinct
wry adj. expressing dry humor. twisted face into disgust, disappointment, or annoyance. syn; ironic twisted crooked
malevolent adj. wishing to do evil. syn: evil malicious, vindictive satanic
insipid adj. flavorless. Lack of meaning and interest. syn: dull drab boring banal
innocuous adj. not harmful or offensive. syn: innocent harmless nonoffensive
eponymous adj. something giving their name to something namesake
ubiquitous adj. present appearing or found everywhere. adj. omnipresent pervasive everywhere
eccentric adj. out of the ordinary n. a person who is out of the ordinary syn: weird odd abnormal strange
abscond v. to flee secretly with a stolen object. syn: flee escape depart bolt
stoic adj. stonelike robotic. doesn't show emotion. syn: immovable rigid stonelike
malady n. a disease syn: affliction ailment infirmity
pertinent adj. relevant to the matter at hand syn: appropriate relevant topical
imperturbable adj. unable to be upset or excited: calm syn: unaffected, calm unflappable balanced even even-keeled
voracious adj. wanting or devouring great quantities of food. have a very eager approach to an activity syn. avid insatiable ravenous unquenchable
interloper n. a person who becomes involved in something where they do not belong syn: intruder trespasser infringer
obliterate v. with object. destroy utterly wipeout. annihilate irradicate, expunged
avarice n. extreme greed for wealth or material gain. syn: greed stinginess parsimony
oblivious adj. not aware or concerned about surroundings because of being focused on something else. syn: clueless, incognizant, absorbed distracted
exculpate v. to prove one's innocence. free from guilt of wrongdoing. syn: exonerate vindicate
exasperate v. with object. to irritate, annoy aggravated agitate annoying rouse frustrate
mitigate v. to lessen the severity/pain of something syn: alleviate allay lessen mollify extenuate
phenomenon n. a rare occurrence. syn: rare occurrence rarity spectacle wonder
retort v. to talk back rudely to a comment or remark. witty snappy answer. syn: comeback, retaliation witticism
tepid adj. lukewarm. not hot nor cold. showing little enthusiasm. syn: apathetic half-hearted indifferent lukewarm insincere
provoke v. stimulate or give rise to a reaction or emotion in someone. deliberately make someone annoyed. syn: incite instigate
insouciant adj. carefree nonchalant lackadasical without worries
serene n. tranquility calmness peacefulness
ambiguous adj. unclear: could be interpreted in many ways. dubious enigmatic abstruse vague
tantamount adj. equivalent. one thing is tantamount to another. syn: parallel equivalent commenserate
refute v. to challenge the validity of. to prove wrong with evidence. syn; invalidate challenge argue
elusive adj. difficult to find catch or achieve. Syn: transient evasive slippery fleeting
repudiate v. to disown (people) disinherit unacknowledged disown.
fester v. to get infected or rot severely or a feeling or emotion that grows uncontrollably inside someone to the point of explosion. syn: aggravate decay ulcerate rot
prerogative noun. A privilege given to someone because of their job, title, or position. Synonyms : privilege, liberty, freedom and right.
officious adj. aggressive in offering one's help. meddlesome syn: meddlesome, intrusive, bossy pushy
extemporaneous adj. planned ahead of time but preformed with little to no notes. improvisation. syn: impromptu improvised unrehersed
negligent adj. not following through on a responsibility or duty. disregardful. syn: disregarding irresponsible careless
vivid adj. clear detailed bright many shades of colors syn: clear distinct crisp striking
perfunctory adj. apathetically preformed because of routine. syn: mechanical routine automatic superficial reflexive
indigent noun. poor or needy person without money or resources syn:poor destitute impoverished
indolent Adj. Lazy syn: Lethargic lazy slothful
epitome a perfect example/representation quintessential (namesake) syn:exemplar quintessence archetype representation
exacerbate make a feeling, problem, or bad situation worse syn:aggravate, intensify, worsen
trite an idea opinion or remark that is overused and unoriginal syn: commonplace, unoriginal, overused cliche