Ch.2 - Ecological Approaches

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Geography of Health Exam I

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Question Answer
fomite an inanimate object or substance that can harbor a pathogen
geogen an inanimate object or substance that can cause disease
carriers an individual infected with a particular pathogen who is able to transmit it to others, but who shows no symptoms of disease
direct transmission transmission of a pathogen to a new host by physical contact or through the air
transmissibility the ease with which a disease can spread
fecal oral route the transmission of pathogens through the consumption of fecal matter in contaminated food or water
host the human or animal in which a pathogen resides
vector an organism that transmits a pathogen between hosts, such as a mosquito or fly
susceptible vulnerable to a particular disease
agent an organism or substance that causes disease
asymptomatic lacking symptoms of disease despite infection
parasite an organism that lives off another to the detriment of the host
pathogen a living agent of disease
epidemic a sudden, large outbreak of a disease with more cases than expected for a particular time and place
pandemic a widespread epidemic, usually continent-wide or global in reach
endemic prevalent in a particular area; a type of disease that circulates constantly at low levels in a specified region
chronic persisting or recurring over a long period of time
indirect transmission the transmission of a pathogen among hosts via a fomite, vector, soil, or water
zoonosis a disease of animals
resevoir a pool of pathogens that can act as a source of reinfection of human populations; reservoirs can be other animal specifies of inanimate, often water or soil