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A young software engineer is hiking through the woods when he hears a small voice calling to him. He looks around, puzzled, but doesn't see anyone. "Hey! Down here!" Lowering his gaze, he sees a frog looking earnestly back up at him. "Please help me," the frog pleads. "I'm actually a beautiful girl, but a witch put a spell on me .... continue in: http://entusiastadoconhecimento.blogspot.com.br/2016/02/the-software-engineer-and-frog.html

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hiking caminhada
puzzled surpreso
Lowering his gaze baixando seu olhar
earnestly intensamente, diligentemente
back up at de volta a
pleads implora
twinkle brilho
proud orgulho
lodge a report fazer uma queixa
stroking acariciar
Widow viúva
shore borda
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