1st Semester Vocabulary Words

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All 120 words from first semester of Senior AP English

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Compunction (n.) regret; remorse; guilt from doing something bad
din (n.) confused mixture of noise
horrid (adj.) awful; repulsive; disgusting
suppliant (n.) someone who asks humbly and earnestly
tumult (n.) commotion; uproar
marauding (adj.) raiding; pillaging
piquancy (n.) the quality of being sharp; spiciness
mollify (v.) to placate; lessen in degree; ease
dystopia (n.) dysfunctional society with comprehensive flaws/vices
posterity (n.) future generations
admonish (v.) to reprove/scold gently and earnestly; to caution
fulminate (v.) to give a severe denunciation; to explode
furtive (adj.) stealthy; sneaky
lassitude (n.) a state of weariness or lethargy
licentious (adj.) lacking moral (sexual) restraint
mendacity (n.) a state of falseness or absence of truth
milieu (n.) an environment or setting; atmosphere
muse (n.);(v.) Greek daughters of Zeus who presided over an art or science used for inspiration; to ponder or consider
subversive (adj.) intended to undermine or ruin morals, a government, or ideas
vacuous (adj.) empty; stupid; insane; blank, vacant
avocation (n.) an activity or hobby taken up in addition to regular work
callous (adj.) toughened; insensitive
capricious (adj.) impulsive ad unpredictable
efficacy (n.) effectiveness or worth of an idea or object
feeble (adj.) weak; lacking vigor or effectiveness
imperturbable (adj.) unshakably calm and collect
impetus (n.) impulsive force; energy of moving body; stimulus
moribund (adj.) at the point of death
pecuniary (adj.) pertaining to o having to do with money
vacillate (v.) to sway to and fro; to swing indecisively from one view to another
akin (adj.) related by blood: descended from a common ancestor or prototype; essentially similar, related, or compatible
corroborate (v.) to support with evidence or authority; make more certain
inexorable (adj.) not to be persuaded, moved, or stopped; relentless
insipid (adj.) lacking taste or savor; lacking in qualities that interest, stimulate, or challenge
mellifluous (adj.) having a smooth, rich flow; filled with something that sweetens
nefarious (adj.) flagrantly wicked or impeous; evil
physiognomy (n.) the art of discovering temperament and character from outward appearance; external aspect
proclivity (n.) an inclination or predisposition toward something
tedium (n.) the quality or state of being tedious; a tedious period of time
torrid (adj.) parched with heat; giving off intense heat; ardent, passionate
affront (v.);(n.) to confront or insult; an intentional insult
blase (adj.) uninterested or bored; very sophisticated
cajole (v.) to wheedle or coax
encumber (v.) to weigh down or burden; to hinder or impede
feckless (adj.) lacking purpose or vitality; careless and irresponsible
impasse (n.) a literal or figurative situation with no further progress
indolent (adj.) disinclined to work or habitually lazy
lugubrious (adj.) mournful or gloomy
ribald (adj.) marked by vulgar or lewd humor
choleric (adj.) marked by irritable anger
amorous (adj.) romantically or sexually desireable
censure (v.) to critique or disapprove harshly
dissemble (v.) to hide true feelings under false appearance
dissimulation (n.) the concealment of one's thoughts
droll (adj.) amusingly odd, whimsical, and curious
expectorate (v.) to project from the mouth (aka spit)
paradox (n.) a seemingly contradictory statement that still demonstrates truth
peremptory (adj.) precluding further debate or action; imperative; dictatorial
pusillanimous (adj.) lacking courage; timid
surfeit (n.) an excessive amount of something
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