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What is meant by the term amplitude? "How High" the wave is from the equilibrium.
What is meant by the term wavelength? The distance between two corresponding points on a wave. or (Distance of one oscillation)
What is meant by the term frequency? How many waves pass by every second
Describe a transverse wave. Particles oscillate perpendicular to the direction of energy transfer
Describe longitudinal waves. Particles oscillate along the direction of the energy transfer.
What is meant by the term, in-phase? Two points that are exactly one oscillation or a multiply of one oscillation apart.
What is meant by the term, out-of-phase? Two points that reach the opposite extremes of the oscillation at the same time.
What is one wavelength in terms of π?
What is meant by superposition? When two or more waves combine.
What is constructive interference? When two waves in-phase combine
What is destructive interference? When two waves out-of-phase combine.
How are stationary waves formed? When two waves of the same frequency travel in the opposite direction.
What are anti-nodes? Points on a wave that have the maximum displacement.
What are nodes? Points on a wave that have the least amount of displacement.
What wave type has fixed nodes and no energy is transferred? Stationary Waves.
What are progressive waves? Waves that have crests that move at the speed of the wave and transfer energy.
What is a fundamental vibration? The fundamental vibrational mode of a stretched string is half the wavelength 8b84cca6-fcba-4b7b-ba34-24936d29c9bf.gif (image/gif)
What are overtones? integer multiples of the fundamental frequency.
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