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Hardware Any thing you can touch outside or inside the computer like: Monitor, Keyboard, Hard disk drive, memory (RAM)
Software All programs: Windows, Word, Excel, MS Publisher, etc
File Any thing you can save on the computer: ex, a document, a report, pictures, music, web page, etc.
Folder A holding place to organize your files by categories
Hard disk drive Permanent storage for files and programs in the PC
RAM (memory) A type of temporary memory for holding files and programs. It clears up after longing off or shutting down your PC
Peripherals dispositivos Devices that attach to a computer. Ex, Printer, mouse, camera, scanner, etc.
Programs (software) A set of instructions given to a computer so it can perform a task or make your computer function properly.
Ports Puertos de dispositivos A connection type where peripherals such as: USB storage, cameras, external hard disks, etc. can be attached
ROM Read Only Memory: chips use this type of memory to store instructions for the computer
WWW Stands for: the world wide web
Bookmarks or Favorites saves links from the web on your browser for quick access to the web without the of retyping web addresses.
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