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Dr Mudassir's revision on the case studies.

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A 40 year old female complains of finding mass on the chest. On examination, there are enlarged lymph nodes in the axillary region. Organ: Breast. Pathology: Invasive duct carcinoma
A patient complains of pain in the right hypochondrium with pain in the tip of the shoulder. Organ: Gall bladder. Pathology: chronic cholecystitis due to cholelithesis.
A 50 year old male patient admitted in the surgical ward complained of heaviness in the left hypochondrium. On palpation, a mass could be felt which had to be removed surgically. Organ: Spleen. Pathology: Splenomegaly due to congestion
A patient has difficulty swallowing and on examination is found to have a prominent mass in the epigastrium region. Organ: Stomach. Pathology: Gastric carcinoma
A female complains of menorrhagia. On examination, a mass has been found on the pelvic region. Organ: Uterus. Pathology: Intra-mural uterine leiomyoma
A female patient complains of right pelvic mass. On cut examination, straw-colored fluid filled cysts have been observed. Organ: Ovary. N.B. Depending on the specimen, it could either be mucinous cyst adenoma, serous cyst adenoma or mature cyst teratoma of the ovary. They all can be associated with the same history. Clue: Teratoma is the one that has hair all over the ovary.
An old patient complains of per rectal bleeding and bloody stool. Organ: Colon. Depending on the specimen, the diagnosis could be colonic carcinoma of either the polypoidal type or the annular stenotic type. Both may be associated with the same history.
A 47 year old patient has a big mass on the right/left iliac fossa found on the retroperitoneal area. Organ: Kidney. Cystic renal cell carcinoma
A 40 year old female patient has a big mass on the neck. Organ: Thyroid enlargement due to colloid nodular goitre
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