Introduction To The Airline Industry

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Question : Which of the following was the first aircraft to have an air conditioned cabin ? Boeing 247 058a5daf-195c-4ace-9f07-7f4085c427fb.jpeg (image/jpeg)
Question : Which of the following is NOT one of the measures taken by the airline industry to reduce the amount of fuel burnt? Answer : Removing in-flight entertainment systems
The main reason Ellen Church was hired as a "stewardess" was that she was... a6babf08-8e3d-46f3-b025-e6296b189df9.jpeg (image/jpeg) A registered nurse 401cfbea-509a-414d-ade8-97a4671838c3.jpeg (image/jpeg)
Question : The term "national flag carriers" refers to what type of airlines ? 3ceaddc9-0a72-4a75-ae84-12697636437d.jpeg (image/jpeg) Answer : Owned all or in part by the government Exemple : Air Canada 21c0d7e3-4234-4365-aca2-44348dc8304a.jpeg (image/jpeg)
True or False : Low cost airlines evolved as a result of the US deregulation in 1978. Answer : True
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