Free time and the Media

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alpinisme mountineering/climbing
annuler to cancel
bijou jewel
bouton button
caméscope camcorder
chaîne chain
chariot trolley
chemisier blouse
commencement beginning/start
comptoir counter
course running
déchirer to tear/to rip
dérouler to unwind
deviner to guess
écharpe scarf
effacer to erase
emballer to wrap
emprunter to borrow
ennuyer to bother/to bore
enregistrer to record
escalade climbing
événement event
fermeture closing
fléchette dart
fleuriste florist
genre kind/type of
icône icon
imprimer to print
lancer throwing
lourd heavy
marquer to mark
pédagogique educational
poissonnerie fishmongers
prise capture
réclame advertising
remplacer to replace
remporter to win
réseau network
réunion meetin
sommet top
suggérer to suggest
tatouage tattoo
tournée round
journal newspaper
jupe skirt
laisser to leave
lecture reading
manteau coat
monnaie currency
montre watch
parapluie umberella
patinage skating
patiner to skate
poche pocket
portefeuille wallet
pousser to push
prix price
promener to take for a walk
rayon ray
recevoir to recieve
réduit reduced
remplir to fill
rencontrer to meet
retourner to turn over
robe dress
sac bag
sauter to jump
séance session
série series
site area
solde pay
sortie exit
sortir to go out
spectateur spectator
taper to hit
tirer to pull
toucher touch
valeur value
vedette star
venir to come
voile veil
voir to see
accompagner to accompany
ballon ball
bijouterie jewelry store
blouson jacket
boucherie butchers
boucle d'oreilles earrings
boulangerie bakery
boutique shop
cadeau present/gift
caisse box
ceinture belt
chanson song
chanter to sing
chanteur singer
chapeau hat
chaussette sock
chaussure shoe
chemise shirt
choisir to choose
choix choice
clavier keyboard/piano
cliquer click
coin corner
concours competition
confiserie sweet shop
couleur colour
courir to run
démodé old-fashioned
dépenser to use/to spend
échanger to exchange
écran screen
ensemble together
envoyer to send
épicerie grocers
essayer to try
faire to make/to do
favori favourite
feuilleton serial
gagner to win
gant glove
gratuit free
imperméable waterproof