Capillary Collection

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First tube in order of draw (before EDTA) Slides
Second tube in order of draw (after slides and before other additive tubes) EDTA
Third tube in order of slide (after EDTA and before non-additive tubes) Tubes with other additives
Fourth tube in order of slide (after tubes with additives) Tues without additives
How should a capillary incision be positioned in relation to the grooves in the finger? perpendicularly
ancillary blood glucose test bedside test to determine blood glucose level, performed by dermal puncture
What three substances are higher in Capillary blood than venous blood Glucose, Hemoglobin, Potassium (serum sample)
What three substances are higher in venous blood than capillary blood? Calcium, total protein, potassium (plasma sample)
At what age should dermal heel punctures be done? 12 months or younger
When is it okay to obtain blood from the big toe? it depends on your facility's policy
What kinds of tests cannot be performed from a capillary collection? blood cultures and most coagulation tests
What is the biggest risk of capillary stick? Not getting enough blood?
What must be done with the first drop produced from a capillary puncture? It must be wiped away to avoid contamination by interstitial fluid.
what is osterochondritis? painful inflammation of the bone or cartilage
what is osteomyelitis? serious sometimes fatal infection of the bone
Which fingers are used for capillary punctures? the third and fourth finger of the non-dominant hand
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