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Which result of the French and Indian War caused the most distress for the most Americans? The end of salutary neglect (replaced with an imperial administration) pg 142
According to the textbook, what were the real issues at stake with the sugar act? The growing administrative power of the British government over the colonies (imperial administration!!!) pg 145
Who came up with the idea for the Sugar Act and Stamp Act and why? What was the purpose of the acts? George Greenville created these acts. The purpose of these acts were to help the British pay their debts.
Why were the colonists so angry about having Stamp Act violators tried in vice-admiralty courts? There was no trial by jury pg 146
Paul Revere created an engraving based on an event where five colonists were killed by British soldiers, what is the name of this event and how did this event affect the situation between the Patriots and Britain? This event is known as the Boston Massacre. "...radical whigs labeled the incident a massacre and filled the popular press with accusations that the British had planned the killings". pg155
What were the Coercive Acts and how did it affect the Patriot leaders refer to these acts These acts forced Massachusetts to pay for the tea and submit to imperial power. Patriot leaders called them the INTOLERABLE Acts. pg 156
Why did colonists object to the new taxes in 1764 and again in 1765? What arguments did they use? They object the taxes because they didn't feel like they were apart of England anymore but more of a separate country. Plus, taxes were to high. Their arguments were, "no virtual representation" and "no taxation without representation". pg 147
What factors helped the British cause -Indians that disliked the colonist -Loyalist (helped British troops) -Strong Navy -Bountiful of money
What is the significance of the Battle of Saratoga? What effect did it have on the different alliances that were formed? The Battle of Saratoga was a turning point for the colonists. Due to this event, the colonies gained military alliance with France and Spain. More info on Pg 178
How did Patriot women contributed to the war effort? Women did extra work- worked in the farm since their husbands are fighting at war and homespun. Homespun is the production of cotton clothes made at home.
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