Exam Vocab 1

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Spanish Verbs
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Spanish Questions
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Important Spanish Verbs
Mind Map 1
How Sewing Machines Work
Using GoConqr to learn Spanish
Sarah Egan
Spanish: Grammar 3.2
Selam H
Spanish: Talking About Everyday Things
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Nouns & Definite Articles Notes
Selam H
Regular Verbs Spanish
Oliver Hall
Question Answer
la gente people
la ropa clothes
lento slow
limpiar to clean
llegada arrival
lleno full
los deberes homework
los servicios public toilets
marido husband
me dio asco it made me feel sick
molestar to annoy
monedero wallet/purse
no olvides don't forget
nos mudamos we have moved house
otono autumn
el pais country
el paraguas umberella
los pendientes earrings
peor worse
piscine climatizada heated pool
podemos we can
las practicas laborales work experience
primavera spring
primo cousin
puerta door