Exam vocab 3

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Spanish Questions
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Spanish Verbs
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Important Spanish Verbs
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AP US History Topics
Using GoConqr to learn Spanish
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Spanish: Grammar 3.2
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Spanish: Talking About Everyday Things
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Nouns & Definite Articles Notes
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Regular Verbs Spanish
Oliver Hall
Question Answer
que va you joke!
a orillas del mar on the seashore
abrigo coat
aduana customs office
a noche lastnight
ascensor lift
asiento seat
un banador swimming costume
bolso bag
borracho drunk
viaje trip
caminar to walk
carismo v. expensive
comisaria police station
demasiado caro too expensive
despues after
dibujar to draw
duro hard
la edad age
el oler the smell
el postre dessert
el puente bridge