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Midterm study .
What Are characteristics of the core layer? High-speed packet forwarding Avoids CPU-intensive packet manipulation
What Are characteristics of the Distribution layer? Routing Policy-based connectivity QOS helps Isolate problems between Core and Access Layers
What Are characteristics of the Access layer? Layer 2 switching Port security Spanning tree
Circuit vs. Packet Switched Networks Circuit must be created before any data exchanged – “Connection Oriented” Circuit exists even when no data being exchanged Packet switched Data (Packet) can be sent with no prior knowledge of path it will take – “Connectionless” All users share Bandwidth
What is SONET/SDH SONET is Synchronous Optical Networking from America SDH is Synchronous Digital Hierarchy from Europe essentially they are the same
what is WDM/DWDM Wavelength Division Multiplexing 8 channels Dense WDM over 80 channels enables full-duplex over one strand of fiber.
What is important about Cisco HDLC Cisco uses a non-standard version Cisco HDLC is not compatible with non-Cisco equipment Must use a different encapsulation such as PPP Only works on synchronous links it is default on cisco equipment
characteristics of PPP encapsulation Framing similar to HDLC Works on synchronous and asynchronous Link Control Protocol Network Control Protocols
What is LCP Allows negotiation and monitoring of advanced features
what is NCP Allows PPP to support different network-layer protocols IPv4, IPv6, AppleTalk, Novell IPX, etc.
what is frame relay held together by? Permanent Virtual Circuits that use DLCI's (Data Link Connection Identifiers ) to uniquely identify and route traffic
what is Link Management Interface LMI is the Protocol running between the router and the local Frame Relay (FR) switch exchanging control and management information
What Frame relay congestion protocols exsist? and what do they do? FECN Notifies devices in the direction the frame is going BECN Notifies devices in the direction of the source (upstream) that there is congestion on the network
What are the positives and negatives of NAT? (at least 3) Good Conserves private addresses Increases flexibility Simpler internal network addressing schemes Provides simple network security Bad Performance is degraded End-to-end IP traceability is lost Many protocols do not work with NAT IPsec is incompatible with NAT
IPSEC vs. GRE IPsec Provides security Only handles IP unicast traffic GRE Generic Route Encapsulation Provides no security Handles (virtually) all traffic
logging sevritys 0-7? Emergency Alert Critical Error Warning notification informational debugging
command to send console debugging to vty? logging monitor
What is NTP? what port? what time format? Network Time Protocol UDP port 123 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
What is SNMP? which version is secure? Simple Network Management Protocol Only v3 is secure
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