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what is globalisation? the increased link between people and companies
what does 'isation' mean? a process
examples of globalisation? trading technology manufacturing communication, travel, advertising, Transnational corporations, tourism, food miles, air travel, expanding companies knowledge through the internet
what has made globalisation possible for people? technology transportation trade awareness of cultures online shopping mobile technology
what makes globalisation possible for goods? container shipping cargo transport manufacturing online shopping increased advertising world wide availability
what does interdependence mean? when countries rely on each other for goods and services inter= between dependence= reliance
what are the features of the 'rich north' high skilled workers HQ's for TNC's people seeking holiday destinations high tech manufactured goods knowledge of modern technology demand for high priced goods
what are the features of the 'poor south' tropical food factories for TNC's cheap labour low priced manufactured goods raw materials lower skilled workers
what is a Transnational Corporation (TNC) a very large company that operates in several countries
examples of TNCs Nike Ford Apple Coca Cola
what are the characteristics of a TNC own different brands make large profits HQ's located in MEDCs world wide work forces Politically powerful Global manufacturing
advantages of TNCs provides jobs and training for local people (MULTIPLIER EFFECT) brings in foreign nationals for management + higher paid positions investment to the country provides healthcare for workers and families increased international trade
disadvantages of TNCs low paid jobs and long hours take most of profit out of country= economic leakage (RESOURCE CURSE) can pull out of the country at any time when host country becomes dependant pay little regard to the protection of the country's environment make products for export rather than domestic market (within the country)
TNC Case study Coca-Cola
positive impacts of Coca-cola RAIN PROJECT ( replenish Africa initiative)= building water purifiers provides 2 million Africans with pure water
negative impacts of Coca-cola water rights (stealing water) cheap labour manipulation water shortages
what are the 4 types of industry Primary= extracting resources from the ground (e.g. farming and mining) Secondary= turning resource into a product (e.g. wood to a table) Tertiary= Jobs providing a service (e.g. Police, shop assistant and teacher) Quaternary= High-tech service, research and information
why is there deindustrialisation in MEDCs? expensive wages strong health and safety laws strong worker unions (i.e. expensive)
why is there a rise in industrial growth in NICs? cheap labour government tax breaks (SEZs) weaker environment and health and safety laws weaker work unions (i.e. cheap production)
why is there a lack of development in LEDCs? lack of skilled workers political instability (i.e. conflict or corruption) Trade links (i.e. geographically isolated or lack of infrastructure) harsh natural environment
what is outsourcing? when a TNC pays another company for a service
main methods to create energy? nuclear coal gas
% increase in consumption? 600
what has trebled (3X) since 1970 electronic goods
how can we stop fossil fuels from running out? use less electronics green energy suppliers
what causes the increase of fossil fuel usage? population growth increased consumerist lifestyle increased communication increased manufacturing increased economic output= attracts NICs falling cost of energy = more accessability
negative impacts on the environment loss of pristine environment due to oil drilling acid rain killing trees and water life rising sea level in warmer conditions increased GHG emissions= links to climate change and global warming
positive social impacts improved quality of life increased car ownership
negative social impacts air pollution in cities causing health problems
positive economic impacts jobs provided by energy industry energy available for industry and transport greater range of consumer goods increased economic development
negative economic impacts possible consequences for farming and food supply
Renewable energy Case Study? The London Array Wind Farm
facts about The London Array 175 wind turbines cost £1.8 billion for construction uses 450km of offshore cabling located 20 miles from the Kent coast
advantages of the London Array? reduces more than 925,000 tons of Carbon Dioxide emissions per year produces enough energy for nearly half a million homes a year (470,000 homes) £200,000 fund for nature conservation
disadvantages of the London array? interrupts bird migration work and construction is limited due to harsh weather conditions disrupts the fishing industry. fishermen are excluded form the area.
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