Powers and Clauses

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chapter 3 vocab words

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Enumerated Powers aka "expressed powers" powers delegated to national govt.
Implied powers Powers not stated in the constitution but are suggested by expressed powers
Inherent powers Powers that belong to national govt.; govt. of a sovereign state within community
Reserved powers The constitution doesn't grant these powers or deny the states
Concurrent powers Con-with Powers shared by federal govt. & constituent political unit
Commerce Clause Congress has power to regulate commerce
Necessary and Proper Clause aka "Elastic Clause" Congress has powers that the constitution doesn't specify but were implied
Full Faith and Credit Clause (Article 4) addresses duties that the states within the US have to respect other states
Supremacy Clause (Article 6) Highest form of law in US legal system
Free exercise clause (1st Amendment) Congress shouldn't have any law respecting or prohibiting free excercise
Establishment clause (1st Amendment) Congress shall have no law respecting an establishment of a religion
Due Process clause (5th and 14th Amendment) Right to fair procedures
Equal protection Clause = treatment for everyone
Establishment clause Separation
NAtional govt. shared national & state powers state govt. powers given to national govt. ppowers given to state govt. shared powers
selective inc. liberties listed in bill of rights
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