Computer Applications Technology Module 1.1

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Name six hardware components. Desktop CPU (Central Processing Unit) Keyboard Monitor Cables Mouse.
The computer needs an ......... ......... to actually work. Operating system.
What two functions is the operating system responsible for? Maintaining and managing security such as passwords and viruses. Providing us with Graphic User Interface.
What is a hardware? The term hardware refers to the physical parts of a computer that can be seen and touched.
What is an operating system? An operating system is the most important system of the computer. It manages and controls all other software as well as the relationship between the hardware and the software.
What is data? Data is unprocessed information.
What is information? Informarion is processed data.
What is software? The term software refers to a sequence of stored instructions to get the computer to perform specific tasks.
What five actions can be performed by the mouse? Clicking Double clicking Right-clicking Dragging Scrolling.
What is meant by the action performed by the mouse, namely clicking? Resting the cursor on an object and then selecting the object by clicking the left button once.
What is meant by the action performed by the mouse, namely double clicking? Quickly clicking the left button twice.
What is meant by the action performed by the mouse, namely right-clicking? Pressing the right mouse button instead of the left button once.
What is meant by the action performed by the mouse namely dragging? Holding down the left mouse button while moving the mouse.
What is meant by the action performed by the mouse namely scrolling? Most mice have a wheel between the two buttons that is used to scroll up and down in a document on the screen.
1. Gadgets 2. Start menu 3. Quick Launch Bar 4. Notification bar 5. Desktop Icons 6. Desktop 7. Taskbar
When logging in, the user... Gains access to the programs and data.
1. Title bar 2. Menu bar 3. Minimize, Maximize and close icons 4. Toolbar 5. Scrollbars
What is this below picture called? A Ribbon
In which versions of Microsoft did this first appear? In office 2007.
What does title bar mean? The term title bar refers to the bar at the top of a window that displays the name of the file in use as well as the program viewing the file.
What does menu bar mean? The term menu bar refers to the bar below the title bar that displays a set of commands present in the text.
What are scroll bars? Scroll bars allow you to scroll through a window to see any information that may not be visible due to the size of the window.
What is a toolbar? The toolbar is a collection of buttons and icons representing a set of related tasks.
What does the term, booting, refer to? The term, booting, refers to the process in which the computer loads the operating system. This action is initiated by the user.
What is the Central Processing Unit (CPU)? Hardware components that perform all calculations and execute all instructions.
What is a desktop? The first basic screen that is loaded when the computer has finished booting.
What is the home row? The anchor keys on both left and right side of the keyboard. Keys are as followed: Left: ASDF Right: JKL;
What is input? Input is the process of inserting a set of instructions into the computer.
Random Accessed Memory (RAM) Temporary storage for programs and data being processed in and by the computer.
What is output? Output is what the computer produces to provide us with the results of processing.
Storage Hardware used to permanently store data and information on the computer.
What is the difference between storage and memory? Memory only temporarily saves the data; whereas storage permanently saves the data up to the point of removal.
What is a window? A rectangular area on the screen used to display the content or feedback from a program.
What is a tooltip? Upon resting the cursor on an object or icon, a hint or information will pop up.
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