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Boris Kustodiev, "The Bolshevik" 1920 Socialist Realism
Boris Taslitzky "The Strikes of June 1936" 1936 Socialist Realism (revolutionary romanticism)
Edouard Pignon "The Dead Worker" 1936 Socialist Realism
Ben Shahn "Democracy Fears New Peace Offensive" 1940 Social Realism
Ben Shahn, "Jersey Homesteads Mural" 1937-1938 Social Realism
David Alfaro Siqueiros "Democracy Breaking Her Chains" 1934 Social Realism
Diego Rivera "Pan-America Unity" 1940 Social Realism/mural
Dorothea Lange "Destitute Pea Pickers in California. Mother of Seven. Age Thirty-Two" 1936 Social Realism/WPA
Dorothea Lange "Woman of the High Plains 'If You Die, You're Dead -- That's All." 1938 Social Realism/WPA
Walker Evans "Burroughs Family, Hale County, Alabama" from Let Us Now Praise Famous Men 1936 Social Realism (There's like 5 nearly identical photos in the slideshow)
Walker Evans "Bed, Tenant Farmhouse, Hale County, Alabama" 1936 Social Realism
Thomas Hart Benton "City Building" from "America Today" 1930 Regionalism
Thomas Hart Benton "Arts of the West" from "The Arts of Life in America" 1932 Regionalism
Thomas Hart Benton "The Arts of the South" from "The Arts of Life in America" 1932 Regionalism
Stuart Davis, "Swing Landscape" 1938 Federal Arts Project Extreme Abstraction (anti-social message)
Stuart Davis "Impression of New York World's Fair" 1939 Extreme Abstraction (anti-social message)
Jacob Lawrence "Great Migration Series" 1940-1941Panel 1 Social Realism Harlem
Jacob Lawrence "The Great Migration Series" Panel 7 1940-41 Social Realism Harlem
Jacob Lawrence "The Great Migration Series" Panel 57 1940-41 Social Realism There's like 50 of these in the slideshow so if you can recongize his style you'll be ok!
Jackson Pollock "One, Number 31" 1950. Abstract Expressionism/NY School
Jackson Pollock "Male & Female" 1942 Abstract Expressionism/NY School
Jackson Pollock "She-Wolf" 1943 Abstract Expressionism
Jackson Pollock, "Autumn Rhythm" 1950 Abstract Expressionism
Hans Hoffman "City Horizon" 1959 Abstract Expressionism Push-Pull Effect
Hans Hoffman "Memoria in Aeternum" 1962 Abstract Expressionism Push-Pull
Mark Rothko "Rites of Lillith" 1945 Abstract Expressionism
Mark Rothko "No. 14, 1960" 1960 Abstract Expressionism
Mark Rothko Syrian Bull 1943 Abstract Expressionism
Lee Krasner "White Squares" 1948 Abstract Expressionism "All-over painting"
Lee Krasner "Composition" 1949 Abstract Expressionism
Willem de Kooning "Woman" 1944 Abstract Expressionism/NY School
Willem de Kooning "Excavation" 1950 Abstract Expressionism/NY School
Willem de Kooning "Night" 1948
Clyford Still "1946-H (Indian Red & Black)" 1946 Abstract Expressionism
Clyford Still "Untitled" 1950 Abstract Expressionism
Barnett Newman "Cathedra" 1951 Abstract Expressionism
Barnett Newman "Onement I" 1948 Abstract Expressionism
Barnett Newman "Vir Heroicus Sublimis" 1951 Abstract Expressionism
Norman Lewis "Phantasy II" 1946 Abstract Expressionism
Norman Lewis "Harlem Courtyard" 1954 Abstract Expressionism *excluded from Greenberg's NY School b/c race
Norman Lewis "Untitled (Alabama)" 1967 Abstract Expressionism (Spiral Group)
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