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Sandra´s mother has a creative job. She has to prepare at home for another day. In her job she is like a second mother for older kids, but she works mainly in the afternoon. She even lunches with some of them. governess
Dida´s mother has also a very creative job. In her work, she shows her creativity and skills. She makes not only beautiful but also very tasty products. She works with her hands. confectioner
Angela's mother has an important job because she works with children. She educates them. teacher
Mary's dad helps people with medicines when they are ill, but he isn't a doctor. pharmacist
Chiara's brother is a ... When he works he uses special tools. He shapes gold and silver. goldsmith
This person can make a nice suit if you go to an elegant party. He uses threads and needles. tailor
She deals with taxes. She has to use a computer and has a good knowledge about the economy. accountant
Roxana's mother hear what you're hurt and prescribe appropriate medication. doctor
Laura's father: With inviting aromas Bread appears browner Oven scorched Who out satisfied? baker
Gabriel’s father is a person engaged in agriculture, raising field crops, orchards, vineyards, poultry, or other livestock for food or raw materials in industry. farmer
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