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P2a - Collecting Energy from the Sun

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What forms of energy does the sun have. (2) Light and Heat
In a photo cell what is the light energy transferred to? An electrical current (DC, direct current)
Advantages of photocells Require little maintenance Can operate in remote locations No need to for fuel Has a long life Uses a renewable source of energy No pollution or waste
Disadvantages of photocells Expensive and no power at night or in bad weather
How does a photocell work? The sun's energy knocks electrons from silicon crystals. This creates an electrical current
How do you increase the amount of electricity generated from photocells? Increase the surface area exposed Increase the intensity of the light source Follow the sun in the sky - requires additional technology - higher initial cost
Other uses of the sun's energy? To heat water by turning into heat energy, to heat water. It can be used for washing or heating buildings
What is meant by Passive Solar heating? A device that traps energy from the Sun but does not distribute the energy or changes its form
How does glass a type Passive Solar Heating? It is transparent so lets light pass through it. The light is them absorbed by objects in the room. They then emit that heat as infrared radiation. Finally that is then reflected back into the room via reflecting off the glass so heats up the room.
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