Module 2: Atomic Structure & Microstructure

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Electropositive Atoms that wants to lose electrons
Ion Atom with net electric charge (loss or gain of an electron)
Covalent bond Bond between two non-metals that involves sharing pairs of electrons
Polar bond A covalent bond where valence electrons end up unevenly distributed, forming a dipole (slight + and - charges on either end of molecule)
Van der Waal forces Electrons naturally change places (like sloshing around in the atom), and if an atom approaches, they start to slosh together
Electrons in a metal They're free to roam around the entire metal!
Unit cell Smallest number of atoms required to form the crystal lattice (structure) of a metal
List point defects Vacancy, Interstitial, Substitutional defect
Interstitial defect Foreign atom of small size compared to other atoms
Solidification process (steps) 1. as molten metal reaches solidification temp., solid nuclei form. Unit cell begins to form. 2. Nuclei grow as more and more atoms attach to lattice 3. Dendrites grow 4. Become almost spherical grains
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