Legal Revision 2

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legal revision 2

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What are parliamentary conventions? informal, uncodified procedural agreements that is followed by the institutions of state (based on Westminster system)
name 2 parliamentary conventions -government is formed from political part that hold majority of seats in House of Reps. -Prime minister is sworn in by GG after majority party selects them as leader
Does the senate function well as the "states" house? No because senators vote on party lines and not according to interest of their state.
Does the senate function well as the "house of review" yes, because the proportional voting system favors minor parties and independents so they hold seats and can scrutinise government bills
Name diverse groups in Australian community -pressure groups (green peace) -minor party (NXT) -Independents -high court justices
How can they influence Australian parliament -pressure groups can campaign/petition and governments must pander to them to get votes -minor party and independents occupy seats in senate -High court judges can make major case laws
Constitutional Head of state? crown/Queen
SA Lower house? House of assembly
SA upper house? Legislative council
federal lower house house of representatives
federal upper house? senate
Explain separation of powers doctrine which divides institutions of government into 3 branches. LEJ
Why is this important? So no one person or group can accquire too much power
example off country without Separation? Zimbabwe with dictator
Structure and role of federal lower house (house of reps) representative? responsible? -made of political representatives of the people -elected every 3 years, preferential voting -government formed (50%+1) -speaker is presiding officer (sits upfront) -government on right, opposition of left -cabinet ministers front, back benchers behind -role is to make laws that represent the people and allow government to be formed
Explain structure of federal upper house (senate) representative? responsible? President -president sits up front -76 senators total (12 each state, 2 each territory) -half elected elected every 3 years -proportional voting
How does parliamentary system facilitate functions of law Social cohesion -protect societal values/individual rights -set acceptable standards of behavior and consequences for breaching -creates institutions of government -able to change to suit public need social progress -good health practices, youth development, environment protect and viable universal education system
why is parliament supreme law making authority. -constitution empowers -representatives elected by people (democratic) -can override case law and regulations (J and E)
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