SPAN111 Week 2 Lecture 3

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Lecture 3 of Week 2 of the SPAN111 Lecture Series at Victoria University

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Que hora es? What time is it?
Es la una (de la tarde) It is one o'clock (in the afternoon)
Son las siete (de la manana) It is seven o'clock (in the morning)
Son las siete y cuarto It's quarter past seven
Son las siete y qunice It's seven fifteen
Son las siete y media It is seven thirty
Son las siete y treinta It's seven thirty
La hora The time
A que hora? When is it on?
A que hora es la fiesta? When is the party?
A las nueve y media At half past nine
Los dias de la semana The days of the week
El dia Day
La semana Week
A tiempo On time
En punto On the dot
A hora Now
Tarde Late
Temprano Early
Medianoche Midnight
Mediodia Midday
El fin de semana The weekend
Todos los dias Every day
Hoy Today
Manana Tomorrow
Lunes Monday
Martes Tuesday
Miercoles Wednesday
Thursday Jueves
Viernes Friday
Sabado Saturday
Domingo Sunday
Es la una y diez It is ten past one o'clock
Son las seis y media It is six thirty
Son las diez menos cinco It is five minutes until ten o'clock
Son las siete y veinte It is twenty minutes past seven o'clock
Son las tres y cuatro It is three fifteen/it is quarter past three o'clock
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