GESE5 - Means of Transport

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Useful sentences to practise GESE5 conversation area "Means of Transport".

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How do you usually come to school? I usually come to school by bus. I often come to school on foot. My father/mother drives me to school.
How long does it take from home to school? It takes only 5 minutes. It's not far. It takes about 30 minutes. It depends on the traffic.
Do you prefer walking or going by bus/car? I prefer going by schoolbus because I can talk with my friends. I prefer walking because it's healthier, but only when the weather is fine.
How did you come to school yesterday? How did you come here? I came by bus. My mother drove me.
Do you like travelling by train? Yes, I do but I prefer travelling by plane because planes are faster.
How many times have you travelled by train? I have travelled by train only twice. I have travelled by train a lot of times.
Have you ever been on a plane? Have you ever travelled by plane? Yes, I have. Three or four times. No, I have never travelled by plane. No, I haven't yet.
Which do you prefer, the plane or the ship? I prefer travelling by plane because I often feel sea sick.
How will you go to school next year? I will take the bus because my new school is quite far. It will take almost 40 minutes. I will go on foot because my new school is not far from my house.
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