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Values of a few commonly encountered constants

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Eccentricity of earths orbit is 0.017 Mass of Earth is 6.3 * 10^24 kg
Distance of Earth from Sun is 150million km Angular momentum of Earth is 2.8 * 10^40kgm/s
Orbital speed of Earth is 30km/s Orbital speed of Jupiter is 13.2km/s Time Period of Jupiter is 11.86years
Orbital speed of Saturn is 9.7km/s Time Period of Saturn is 29.46 years Distance of Jupiter from Sun is 7.68*10^11m
Time Period of revolution of moon is 27.3days Moon is at a distance of 3.84*10^5km from earth
Velocity of orbital motion of moon around the earth is 1.02km/s Distance between the surface of Earth and the center of Earth is 6400km
Ratio of acceleration of an object near the surface of Earth to acceleration of the moon towards the earth is 3600 Distance between moon and earth is 384000km
G is a dimensional constant In SI. G = 6.673*10^-11Nm^2kg^-2
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