Pernicious Anaemia

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Pernicious anaemia Patho Lack of IF (Intrinsic Factor) IF secreted by gastric parietal cells Loss of parietal cells-> IF deficiency -> B12 deficiency -> PA
IF Intrinsic Factor enzyme responsible for absorption of dietary B12
Deficiency in IF secretion Cause? 1. Congenital 2. Gastric mucosal atrophy - chronic gastritis type A (autoimmune) 3. Strict vegan diet (B12 comes from animal sources)
PA evaluation 1. blood test & BM aspiration 2. Schilling test = urinary excretion of B12 3. serologic studies = parietal cells & IF antibodies 4. gastric biopsy = lack of HCI
PA treatment 1. B12 replacement by injection or 2. Oral admin in larger doses 3. fatal if untreated (cardiac failure)
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