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Starting a journey especially in ship or plan

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embark start a journey in ship or plane
grounded give a unstructed form a structured format established
dynamics process or pattern of change. a branch that deals with forces and motions of the bodies and also sometimes with the equilibrium of bodies.
currency quality or feature of being acceptable and used by many people currency--noun
credential a skill or quality or an ability that makes a person suitable for a particular job
distinct unremarkable,unmistakable,different,strong, easy for senses like to hear, smell, etc
grounded person sensible and well balanced
reinforce to strengthen by adding stimulate encourage
emulate trying to be something like imitate
conception becoming pregnant starting concept the process of forming or understanding ideas generalizing, stereotypic originating of something in the mind
conjunction a word that joins two phrases, sentences, etc a situation in which things occur at the same time the act of conjoining--combination--acting together
emphasis to give special attention to
errata list of errors
conform to obey or agree with something to do what other ppl do to stick to be similar
ample more than whats required quite large women having large body but attractive
mimic imitate
simulate to look, feel , or behave like something
solicitation asking to have *** for money asking for money, help
compliance the process of doing what you are asked to do conformity in fulfilling official requirements.
superseded replaced
pronouncement official public statement. formal declaration of an announcement authorotative statement
comprehensive including many, most or all things
rigorous done carefully with minute detail very strict and demanding difficult to endure because of extreme conditions
endure continue to exist in the same state to experience pain from long time to deal with or accept unplesant bear, last
cosmopolitan a person who has lived in and knows about many different parts of the world
estranged to cause someone to be no longer friendly or close to a group or connected with something
denounce to publicly announce something is bad/wrong to criticise someone in public to report some1 to police or higher authorities for illegal or immoral acts
rootlessness a rootless feeling because of social and economic reason having no place or position in society not in accordance with environment
alienation estrangement
elusive hard to find, capture, understand, define or remember
ballad a kind of poem or song that narrates story typically about love
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