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Revision for Y1S1 tutes 2 & 3

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Definition of Empricism The approach to learning about the world by basing decisions on evidence.
Definition of Determinism Assumes the world is orderly. Sees nature as a series of causal relationships. (ie we recreate the same causal relationship and get the same result)
The Scientific Process Question Observation Answer Or Theory Data Interpretation
Definition of a Theory Testable. Provides general principle that can be tested by a general set of observations. Can then be applied to all relevant situations.
What is a Theory? Relationship between two or more constructs. (refer to constructs) Describe a causal relationship. (describes the direction of the relationship) Lead to testable conclusions.
What makes a Theory scientific? Testability. Observability. Falsifiability.
Theory VS Evidence Theory: General Applied to many situations Evidence: Specific Observes a single situation
What constitutes a hypothesis? Iffy What we expect to see "if our theory is true" Statement that provides a specific, concrete event.
Theory VS Hypothesis Theory: General Abstract (built on) constructs One Hypothesis Specific Concrete (built on) variables Many
What is a construct? Element of a theory: Abstract Intangible (often) not directly observable (concepts that are formally defined within a theory)
Elements of a hypothesis? Observation: Concrete Tangible MUST BE directly observable Variables: Essentially, 'results'
Constructs VS Variables Construct: Abstract, theoretical concept. Something we WANT TO measure. Variable: Specific, observable, concrete instance of a concept. Are a RESULT of measurement.
Operational Definition Essentially: How we get from construct to variable. Defines how a variable is created (often how the concept is measured) Description of how the construct will be observed in order to create a variable.
Criteria for a Hypothesis Refer to variables. Specifiy direction. (of relationship)
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