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What century did Europeans and Sub Saharhan Africans come into contact with each other In AFrica 15th Century
About how many slaves were captured to be taken to the New World. Also what years did it happen About 60 million between 1500 and 1850
What was the survival rate of slaves in the slave trade Only 1 in 3 would survive the capture the voyage and imprisonment
Which Slaves went to the West Indies and America. Also between what years The Sub-Saharan Africans and Western Coastal Africans went to America and the West Indies between 1619 and 1808.
Where did Spanish Central American Slaves come from Western Coastal African and West Congo
What percentage of slaves made up the source of West Indies Spanish Central America and AMerica 50%
Where did Brazilian Slaves come from and what percentage did they make up of the source of slaves They came from Southern Africa and the Southwestern Coast and Western Coast and Madagascar.
Where did most Slaves go and why Many slaves didn't go to America (only 100,000 out of 20 million) but instead went to the West Indies and Brazil to work on sugar plantations that were very labor intensive
Where do many African descendants of the slaves of the West Indies and America trace their ancestry from They can be traced back to one of the 30 West African societies From the Sahahra Desert all the way to the Congo BAsin
How did the 30 Western African Societies differ 1. Religion 2. Economic Structure 3. Political Structure 4. Language 5. Family Structure 6. Slavery in Africa
What were the minority of the religions in the Western Societies based on The minority were monotheistic religions (Belief in one god) like Islam, European Christianity, etc.
What was the largest Monotheistic religion in the Western Societies Islam was the largest monotheistic religion and it was spread through trade.
How did Islam spread throughout Africa It spread throughout Sub-Saharan after 1000 A.D. due to trade with Mali and Eastern Med Africa societies. Also Arabians traded on the eastern coast of Africa
What were the majority of African religions based on They were Polytheistic and followed traditional beliefs that had many deities and many not in human form.
In Africa's polytheistic religions what traditions were followed The worshipped ancestors and the role of people to serve the needs of their ancestors
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