The Courtship of Mr Lyon Entrapment

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"There was an air of..." "...despair in the house, and, worse, a kind of physical disillusion"
"The enchantment of that..." "...sad, happy, pretty place enveloped her"
"She longed for..." "...the shabby home of their poverty"
"It seemed December..." "...still possessed his garden"
"There seemed a heavy..." "...soundless pressure upon her in his house"
"The gate clanged..." "...loudly shut behind him"
"pauses in her..." "...chores in the mean kitchen"
"Behind wrought..." "...iron gates"
"she would retreat nervously..." "...into her skin"
"snow-laden skirts..." "...of an antique cypress"
"barred all within it..." "from the world outside the walled, wintery garden"
"he disliked the presence of servants because, she thought..." "...a constant human presence would remind him too bitterly of his otherness"
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