The Art of Watching Films

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What is film? Turbulent marriage between business and art. Unique art : Visual arts - line, form, mass, volume, texture Painting & Photography - light and shadow Sculpture - 3d space Pantomime - moving images, rhythm Drama - visual and verbal Novel - expands compresses time and space BUT FREE AND CONSTANT MOTION.
Heist David Mamet, 2001. surveillance tape : Form! Form has been deliberately manipulated by director to shape and influence the viewer's experience of its content
Form Look, clothing, set design, blocking, acting, camera movement, editing of shots, accompanying music
Expectations Enjoyed previous work, screenwriter, director, actors or publicity, ads, friends, reviews, techniques. Color schemes, sounds, length of shots, movement of camera, heighten or confuse our expectations. ESTABLISH PATTERNS.
Patterns Patterns and progressions that meet or contradict our expectations in interesting ways. Parallel editing, narrative patterns (familiar or introduces us to unfamiliar), non narrative patterns (familiar image or sound effect)
General principals of film form -Movies manipulate space and time in unique ways (lens and the eye : perception of cinematic space, camera lens more selective, frames) - Movies depend on light (augment, complicate or contradict other elements of shot, changes the way we see things) - Movies provide an illusion of movement (Persistence of vision, 24 fps)
Verisimilitude Realistic, anti realistic, combination of two, convincing appearance of truth. Movies are verisimilar when they convince you that things on screen are really there. Expectations of "reality" change over time and across cultures. German 30s not familiar to contemporary Americans.
Cinematic language Systems, methods and conventions by which the movies communicate with viewer. Language of shots, from which we seek meaning. Degree of agreement between filmmaker and audience. Dissolve = passing of time, 2 mins or years.
Film Analysis Against : -Destroyer of beauty -Kills love for object -Better to accept art intuitively, emotionally and subjectively, uncluttered by intellect For : -Can experience beauty intellectually as well -Analysis can discover deepest reaches of understanding -New awareness makes our love for movies stronger
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