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What is a computer system? Something which can rerceive, store, process and output data
What do computer systems consist of? Input devices Output devices Internal memory Processing devices Storage devices Software which supplies instructions to the processing devices
What is reliability? The probability that a computer will produce the correct output
What would happen if a life critical computer system failed? It could result in death or serious damage
How could you improve a computer's reliability? Clear design - satisfies user requirements Designed with safety & failure in mind Testing Developed according to defined standards Testing throughout development Fail safe mechanisms Maintenance should be carried out after the system goes live
What are standards? Help make sure that different computer systems can talk to each other Systems are more likely to be successful and satisfy users if they are developed according to defined standards
What are proprietary standards? Standards that are owned by a company that then charge others to use it e.g. Windows
What are industry standards? Standards that are agreed across the computing industry e.g. USB
Wht are de facto standards? Develop through common usage until they become the accepted way of making or doing things eg PDF, HTML
What are open standards? Standards that are publicly available Developed and modified by users Regular updates for no or minimal cost High quality e.g. Linux, Python
Give examples of software standards ASCII - allows computers to interpret binary codes as the same character HTML - allows different computers to view the same web pages TCP/IP - set of standards to allow all computers to transmit data across the internet
What is ethical behaviour? Behaving in a morally correct way
What is a code of conduct? Lists rules that should be followed by their members in order to behave ethically
What is e-waste? Any waste created by electrical or electronic devices that have been thrown away Often dumped in landfill sites Toxic substances can leak into the soil and water supply
What is WEEE? Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive Ensures equipment is recycled and not dumped
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