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What is energy Energy is the ability to work
List 3 forms of energy Eletrecity, Wind, Heat[Thermal]
List two types of general energy Kinetic energy and Potential energy
What is Potential Energy Potential Energy is the stored energy in something
What is Kinetic Energy Kinetic energy is when the energy is used in motion
Formula of Potential Energy EP=mgh [Mass x Gravitational Velocity x Height
Formula of Kinetic Energy Formula=Ek 1/2 Mass x Velocity by the answer
Name two types of Potential energy Two types of Potential Energy are: Gravitational Potential Energy and Elastic Potential Energy
What is Elastic Potential Energy Elastic Potential Energy is the stored energy possessed by an object while its being stretched or compressed
One E.G. of Elastic Potential Energy Rubber band
What is Gravitational Potential Energy Gravitational Potential Energy is the energy stored in an object due to it's elevated position
One E.G. of Gravitational Potential Energy An object which is elevated above land
What is Chemical Energy Chemical Energy is the energy which is stored in food,fuels and inside electrical cells
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