Ancient Egypt

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Ancient Egypt Unit 1 & 2
How long is the Nile River ? 6695 Kilometres
Where does the Nile River flow through ? Through Egypt from South and North , beginning in tropical Africa and emptying into the Mediterranean.
What are the 2 sources of the Nile River? The white & blue nile.
Why could Egypt grow food more easily than any country in the Ancient World ? A new layer of soil was deposited almost every year for tens of thousands of years.
What was Ancient Egypts climate like? 35 Degrees or more
Where was Ancient Egypt located ? Modern Country of Egypt.
Whats an Oasis ? A pit of water in a desert
What is Egypts Capital City? Cairo
How much does it rain in Cairo per year Less than 35ml per yr
What are the 3 areas of the black land. 1.Narrow Land
2.Mouth of the Nile 3.Lake Fayum
Who called the Egypt the Gift of the Nile Herodotus
Where does the nile start and finish Tropical Africa to Meditterean Sea
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