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Oxidation Number - Definition Can be thought of as the number of electrons involved in bonding to a different element. Can be used to check when balancing equations
Oxidation Number - Rules (3) - Always 0 for elements - Each atom in a compound has an oxidation number - An oxidation number has a sign which is places before the number
Oxidation number of Oxygen, O -2
Oxidation number of Hydrogen, H +1
Oxidation number of Fluorine, F -1
Oxidation number for ions: Mg 2+ and Ca 2+ +2
Oxidation number for ions: Br- , Cl - and I- -1
Oxidation number for H in metal Hydrides -1
Oxidation number for O in peroxides -1
Oxidation number for when O is bonded to F +2
Oxidation Oxidation is losing electrons and an increase in oxidation number
Reduction Reduction is gaining electrons and a decrease in oxidation number
Redox Reactions Involve reduction AND oxidation. If a substance is oxidised another substance must be reduced
Disproportionation Reaction Where a substance is reduced whilst simultaneously being oxidised
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