Evaluating HRD interventions

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Emily Bramhall
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Question Answer
What is HRD? HRD is the organised learning experiences provided by employers, within a specific time, to bring about the possibility of performance improvement/personal growth.
What does the hard view say? HRD fulfills an organisational requirement of a need to address strategic objectives.
What does the soft view say? Encourages development as a potential source of competitive advantage.
Give 2 reasons as to why HRD is essential. Increases employee motivation and helps to achieve objectives and competitive advantage.
Why evaluate HRD interventions? To determine whether they are "worth it"
Name the four sections to the Kirkpatrick evaluation model. Reaction, Learning, Behaviour, Results
Gives 3 reasons as to why HRD interventions may be costly. External trainer's, take a long time to complete, away days
Give two examples of courses that have been slated in online forums. How to retire and confidence 4 hour a week workshops
What's wrong with online training? All information may not be taken in because employees are left to do it themselves.
What would Darren say is wrong with traditional methods? It takes his employees out of work for a day at least when he needs them working as there aren't many of us.
What can you take from the TED talks to apply in this question? SMART or DREAM targets
What do line managers need to do? Create space for learning within day to day operations
What do people make the mistake of doing with the Kirkpatrick model? Only looking at reaction and learning because of time and cost.
Name 4 different evaluation methods that can be used to review HRD interventions. Questionnaires/feedback sheets, testimonials/observation, analysing key business reports and conducting tests.
Give two evaluating points for questionnaires. Candidates may not fill them in honestly, usually cost effective.
Give an evaluating point for conducting tests to review HRD interventions. Some people don't so well when taking tests because of the pressure, but this doesn't mean that they don't know the information.