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This information will be used by students in the class to learn vocabulary and describe movies with the appropriate words and elements.

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Participial adjectives with -ing: Interesting, boring, relaxing, confusing, satisfying, depressing, shocking, disappointing, terrifying, embarrasing, amazing, exciting, amusing, exhausting, annoying, fascinating Adjectives with -ing are usually used to talk about the person, thing, or situation which has caused the feeling
Participial adjectives with -ed Confused, depressed, disappointed, embarrased, amazed, amused, annoyed, bored, tired, thrilled, excited, exhausted, interested, relaxed, satisfied, shocked. Participial adjectives with -ed are usually used to talk about how someone feels:
Elements of movies STORY/PLOT: In a movie the plot can be analyzed from the climax, if tht is full of twists, if it is realistic,, predictable or original. cHARACTERS: They can be analyzed from the physical, phychological and emotional areaa. ACTORS: We can analyze if they are talented, famous, convincing or unconvincing among others. DIRECTOR: We can analyze if he is skillful, famous or talented.
SCENERY: It´s one of the most important areas to analyze: its effects, if it´s beautiful, ugly, colorful, dark, its quality, etc. DIALOGUE: does it make sense? is it smart, offensive, vulgar or fun? STYLE: It refers to the type of movies: drama, action, horror, suspense, science fiction, etc.
Describing a film 1. It's set in…(Costa Rica / in the 1990's). 2. The main characters are … and they're played by… 3. It's a mystery / thriller / love-story. 4. Well, the main character decides to… (rob a bank) 5. But when he drives there…
Personal opinions I think the film was great / OK / fantastic… The actors / costumes /dialogues are/is … The special effects are fantastic / terrible The best scene / the worst scene is when… The plot is predictable / seems a weak
More vocabulary: bloody, original, second-rate, brutal, predictable, weak, senseless, violent, outdated, first-rate, enjoyable, sensitive, comical, legendary, tender, pleasant
Talking of movies 1. Setting: place and time where the story takes place 2. Plot: the story of the movie 3. scenes / scenery: the movie is broken up into scenes, the scenery refers to the spaces where the scenes are filmed.
4. Characters: there are main characters (stars), secondary characters and extras (they have unimportant roles in the movie) 5. Critic: person who makes reviews of movies 6. Blockbusters: movies that have big budgets and sell a lot of tickets.
7. Sequel: second part of a movie. 8. Usher: a person who shows the seats and makes sure that everybody is quiet during the movie.
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