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Our reckless behaviour can negatively affect not only environment but also our health. Knowledge of labels on the goods will contribute to sustainable development.

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Fair trade label-It labels third world countries production (e.g coffee, tea, spices, cocoa, chocolate, medicine). It's purpose – to distinguish products which while they were made in third world countries, social issues were taken into account. This means, that third world countries manufacturers got a decent payment for the products.
EU organic-This label shows, that not less than 95% of agricultural origin products components are made using organic production, the product has come directly from the manufactuer in sealed packaging, the product meets the oficial control system requirements, there is manufactuer‘s name or code.
Energy Star label -is awarded to energy efficient and saving electrical appliances, computers, household electrical appliances, heating and cooling systems and lighting equipment, according to their energy efficiency, durability and quality.
Green stamp sign -Standards for products, services, and companies based on life-cycle research; criteria and guidelines for manufacturers, service providers and companies to work toward sustainability and protect the natural world and human health
RAL Compost Quality Label-The product is suitable for composting. The aim is to contribute to protecting the environment by reducing household waste.
EKOagros-Lithuanian agricultural and food products eco-label. Products which have this label are produced, processed, labeled and disponed according to stict regulations.
EU eco label-This label is given to products, when they meet strict environmental requirements starting from production, packaging, tranportation and ending with usage and recycling.
EU Energy label-The unit's energy efficiency (from best A+++ to D worst) and a number of additional parameters ( sound level, water consumption, etc.). Power outlets have mark for washing machine, fridge, microwave ovens, television, illuminators, cooling system and other devices.
Cosmebio label-Cosmebio label is given to cosmetic product which contains at least 95% natural raw materials, and at least 10% ingredients of the product must be organically grown.
Ecocert label-By Ecocert labeled foods are organically grown or made from organically grown materials. Cosmetics and textiles marked with ecocert label use organic ingredients.
CFC free-Label shows that the production doesen‘t use fluorine. It also indicates that product doesn‘t contain any dangerous chemicals which could damage the ozone layer or provoke atmospheric pollution.
Plastic security pyramid-PVC- most problematic plastic, bioplastics- the most safest.
Rainforest Alliance Certified-This sign shows, that the product has come from a farm or forest, which is managed by strict environmentalists and workers, their families and local communities welfare requirements.
Green Point-This symbol on the packaging indicates that its recycling has already been paid. The package marked by green point must be thrown out into a suitable container.
Nordic Ecolabel-is awarded to products if they meet the strict environmental requirements on the materials used and production processes environmentally friendly packaging and processing capabilities. Products meet quality, human health and functionality reqirements.
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