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What does ICZM stand for? Intergrated coastal zone management
What does the ICZM do? Provides management of the whole coastal area, not just the beach and row of hotels. It manages an area at lest 5 KM inland
Define Fetch The distance over which a wave travels, the longer the distance the bigger the wave
What is a Constructive Wave? Long, low waves that spill onto the beach. strong swash, limited reaction.
What is a Destructive Wave? Short, steep waves that plunge onto the beach with force. Quite strong swash but much stronger backwash
Define Marine Erosion The wearing away of rocks by the action of the sea
Define Weathering The breaking down of rocks by the action of the weather, plants or chemical action
The major movement of material along the coast is called what? Longshore Drift
What is a Spit? A permanent landform created by deposition. it is an extended stretch of beach that sticks out into the spit
What is a Soft Coastline? A cliff made up of less resistant rock (eg.sandstone) *These coastlines are very prone to erosion and weathering*
What does DEFRA stand for? Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs
What is Hard Engineering? Controls the power of the sea by building barriers between the sea and the land. (eg. sea walls)
Define Hold The Line Building a barrier to prevent erosion
Define Advance The Line To build a bigger beach to absorb the power of the destructive wave
What is Managed Retreat? Allowing low lying areas to flood up to a new line of defence inland
What is DEFRAs aim for coastal areas in the UK? Maintain the existing coastline by building different types of defences.
What is Beach Nourishment? Pumping sand from the seabed to replace eroded sand.
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