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What is a computer? It is an electronic device that processes it's a following as a set of instructions .
What is data Data is raw facts and figures.
What is information. Information is processed data
What is hardware? Hardware is all the parts of the computer that you can see and touch.
What is software? Software is a set of instructions that a computer needs to carry out its tasks
State the stages of processing. Input>processing> output
What are input devices used for? Input devices are used to get data and instructions into the computer.
What does C.P.U. mean and what is it used for? C.P.U. means central processing unit. It is the brain of the computer where all the processing takes place.
What does A.L.U. mean and what does it do? A.L.U. means Arithmetic Logic Unit and it performs all arithmetic and logic functions of the computer.
What is the main the memory of a computer ? The main memory holds the instructions and data the computer is processing of the time .
What are output devices ? Output devices information processed by the computer into a form which the user can understand.
What is storage ? Storage refus to media and devices used by the computer to keep data and instructions available for immediate or later use .
What are all input, output and external storage devices collectively called? Peripheral devices.
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