Antigens Recognition

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PAMP's Pathogen Associated Molecular Patterns
Role of PAMP's Vital to metabolic processes of most antigens and so occur in all of them (with some variation)
PRR's Pattern Recognition Receptors
Role of PRR's Recognise PAMP's - broad specificity due to PAMP variation
Antibodies on B- Cells Either membrane bound or secreted (known as immunoglobulins)
Specificty of B-Cells High- specific for one antigen
T Cell Receptors Membrane bound Ig's specific to T cells (different shape to B-Cell antibodies)
Epitopes Part of antigen recognised by Ab's - can be continuous or discontinuous
Domains Basic units of Ib's
L Chain Domains 2- 1 variable, 1 constant
H chain Domains 1 Variable, 3-4 constant
Fab Domain- can rotate & bend to aid Ag binding
Fac- can 'wag' to aid binding
3 Hypervariable Regions Present in the variable domains, which form CDR loops
CDR Complimentarity Determining Regions
Role of CDR Some will bind to specific antigen (though not necessarily all- some are just for recogniton, not binding)
Role of Ig's- Opsonisation Coating of pathogen so phagocytes can recognise Fc's
Role of Ig's- Compliment Stabilisation Allows compliment to Opsonise pathogen & activates further compliment cascade
Role of Ig's- Neutralisation Binds to pathogen preventing invasion & blocking action of the toxin
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