Healthcare systems and models of health

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Public Health definition The role of public health is to promote health, prevent disease and prolong life through the organised efforts of a society
The Biomedical Model of Health definition Focuses on the physical and biological aspects of disease and illness. It is a medical model of care practiced by doctors and health professionals. It is known as the 'quick fix' approach, and emphasises diagnoses, cure and treatment of the disease.
Examples of the Biomedical Model of Health X-rays and blood tests
The Social Model of Health definition A conceptual framework within which improvements in health and well-being are achieved by directing an effort towards addressing the social. economic and environmental determinants of health. The model is based on the understanding that in order for health gains to occur, the determinants must be addressed. This has lead to the development of the Ottawa Charter.
Key Principles of the Social Model of Health: Addressing the determinants of health Focuses on addressing all determinants of health that may contribute to inequalities of health
Key Principles of the Social Model of Health: Reduce social inequalities Reducing social inequalities that exist in relation to the health status and provision of health services that can link to a range of factors including: age, gender, SES, culture and physical location
Key Principles of the Social Model of Health: Empowers individuals and the community Providing individuals and communities with the resources they need to address the factors that influence their health and enable them to participate in decision making about their health
Key Principles of the Social Model of Health: Access to health care Improving access to healthcare and information improves health. Services and information should be available, along with affordability, appropriateness and access to all, and there should be no barriers to access
Key Principles of the Social Model of Health: inter-sectional collaboration Embraces the need for integrated action between government departments and the health sector
Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion definition An approach to health development by the World Health Organisation which attempts to reduce inequalities in health. It was developed from the Social Model of Health and defines the term Health Promotion 'as the process of enabling people to increase control, and to improve their health'.
Ottawa Charter's three basic strategies: Enable Giving access to health promotion that focuses on equity, creates supportive environments and aims to reduce differences in health status to ensure equal opportunities for all. It encourages people to develop their personal skills to enable them to make healthy choices
Ottawa Charter's three basic strategies: Mediate To ensure the coordination of health services within and across the sectors. It includes reorienting the health services to bring a greater focus on health promotion, rather than diagnosis and treatment. It is about strengthening community action by ensuring everyone works together to improve health outcomes for all
Ottawa Charter's three basic strategies: Advocate Lobbying government and other organisations to improve access to and provision of health care services. It is about groups and individuals working together to influence changes necessary to improve health for everyone
Prerequisites of Health for Ottawa Charter Peace, shelter, education, food, income. sustainable resources and social justice
VicHealth definition A state government initiative that is the peak body of health promotion in Victoria.
Project examples for VicHealth Quit, SunSmart, 52 Flashmobs, Walking School Bus
Mission of VicHealth Commits to promote good health, recognise that the social and economic conditions for all people influence their health, promote fairness and opportunity for better health, support initiatives that assist individuals, communities and workplace, seek the prevention of chronic disease for all Victorians
VicHealth priorities Promote healthy eating, encourage regular physical activity, prevent tobacco use, prevent harm from alcohol, improve mental well-being
The role of VicHealth Health promotion, prevention of non-communicable disease, prevent ill health and reduce the inequalities between population groups in Victoria is the role of VicHealth
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