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Lleno de Full of
Asistir To attend
Decidir To decide
Embarazada Pregnant
Intensas Intense
Mostrar To show
Descubre To discover
Lograr To manage, obtain, get
Agradar To please
Jamás ever, never
Encontrarse con To meet
Despacio Slowly
Césped Lawn/Grass
Planchar la ropa Iron the clothes
Andar To walk
Pasar la aspirador Hoovering
Prisas Hurry
Vender To sell
Papel Role
Hacia Towards
Ley Law
Abrobarse To be passed (law)
Apartir de ahora From now on
Alquilar To rent
Multas Fines
De hasta Up to, until
Tomar To take
Pacífica peaceful
Piputado Deputy
Cesar To cease
Dejarde To finish/stop
dueño owner
Todavía Still
Crianza Raising/upbringing
Hogar Home
Había una vez once upon a time
Volver To return
Carretera Road
Camión Lorry
Chocar con Crashed with
Fallecer To pass away
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