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Assume that we are self realized person. if we met an accident? now we are loss the self realization state? ----
If vedas are sruthi bedam. because of pollution we dont hear the thing.if we have an appropriate instrument can we recorded it? -----
Is there a creator? Is there some one like a Supreme Lord? Are there more than one God? -----
is self realization is experience or thought? if it's thought it ever memorable, if its experience how long it sustain? -----
What happens to us when we die?if anything is there who told that. ----
why the consciousness unproven?is there are not? ----
knowing self is ultimate? then why we need another guru and systematic study? -----
how can we get infinite thing by performing finite thing? -----
If everything is an illusion, then what does it matter to do? -----
"Yato mot, tato path" why? ------
how can identify a liberated person? what will differ him from others? ---
who create the universe? if anybody there then who create him? -----
if enlightenment is free from desire? how can one live without desire? -------
is enlightenment can transmitted thing? ------
if some people en lighting without following the systematic sastra, through meditation and all? is sastram is the only way to achieve the enlightenment? ------
Men and women are different in many facts. then how can a goal should common for both? -------
is deep sleep is death state?if its not how people experience when they live.?if its equal to death then how can we do like routine? -------
if enlightenment person doesn't have next jenma? then how could buddha and krishna says that they will be back? ------
we are now experiencing the world . how it come for existence. what is the period for world matter? -------
is nidhidyasana is mental karma? if its mental karma what type of karma focus or defocus? -----
how can be looking and experiencing things all mithya?how can be unknown thing sathya? ------
at the death time we burnt all the sariram? then how could it reflect papa punyas from previous jenmas? --------
how can we benchmark our knowledge about self? -------
how vedanta recognize avatars? ------
advaitha is ever old philosophy then how can it better after ramanuja and madhava? -------
why we not eve-denting self in deep sleep state? -------
if vairaga become more strong if we got enlightenment if know about that? -------
meditation alone give liberation? ------
is our life is predetermined? if no then what about astrology?if yes how? -----
which is easy for self experience expanding or negating? ------
which comes first matter are consciousness? ------
how silence is playing in spritual process? --------
is surrender meant that a jiva travel from dvitha to vis advaitha to advaitha? -----
is gita and upanishadh alone leads to moksha? then why brahma suthra? -------
can we get the moksha through law of attraction?if we not , why? ------
is mantra's has power to decrease our past bad karma's?Ex ...sadguru,ravishankar ---chanting (nama shivaya) ------
is self realisation motivate us to do more karma.because if we know the world is just a play? -----
why learning sanskrit is important? ------
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