Las relaciones en la familia

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Question Answer
To end up Acabar
To approach acercarse
to acquire adquirir
to warn advertir
to increase ampliar
to take over apoderarse
to support apoyar
to find out averiguar
to warn avisar
paternity leave la baja paternal
to take on the job hacerse cargo
degree la carrera
to punish castigar
to borrow coger
to behave comportarse
to trust confiar, confiarse en
to answer back contestar mal
to blame culpar
to take a great step dar un salto
to annoy enfadar/ enojar
enriching enriquecedor
to make mistakes equivocarse
to be fed up estar harto/a
failure un fracasado
to use up gastar
to make peace hacer las paces
to come home late llegar a las tantas
limit, measure la medida
to improve mejorar
to interfere meterse
novel, original novedoso
to take care of ocuparse de
to happen ocurrir
proud orgulloso
nappy el pañal
to cap it all para colmo
to argue, fight pelearse
to mutter, to grumble rezongar
blood is thicker than water la sangre llama
to superimpose superponer
tattoo el tatuaje
tenderness la ternura
to reach breaking point tocar fondo
with the result that total que
to lie tumbarse