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Alliteration The repetition of words beginning with the same letter. To draw attention to a particular sound or movement, to intensify or bind words together.
Allusion A word/phrase that suggests something else. If many people can relate to it. It allows you to connect with the subject matter of the poem.
Ambiguity a word/phrase that could mean more than one thing to get the reader thinking about the different possibilities of the word or phrase.
Anthropomorphism Giving human characteristics to an animal. Connecting us to the animal being described.
Assonance The repetition of similar or identical vowel sounds that follow each other, same purpose as alliteration.
Caesura Break in the middle of a line in poetry such as (, or - ) which can serve as a pause or or change in meaning.
Connotation An idea or feeling that is often associated with a word or phrase.
Ellipsis ...
Enjambment one line is continued onto the next line.
Euphemism a word or expression used instead of saying something that may be awkward.
Free Verse No rhythm or rhyme
Imagery Use of word-pictures. Painting a picture in the readers mind.
Metaphor Like the simile. Comparing one thing to another; but says that it is something instead of like something.
Onomatopoeia Use of words which sound like the thing they sound (i.e. smash)
Oxymoron A phrase combining two terms that are complete opposites. (I.e. The light dark)
Pathetic Fallacy Using the weather or something natural to describe the mood (I.e. stormy- something bad is going to happen)
Personification Giving human qualities to things that aren't human.
Pun Play on words
Repetition Repeating a word or phrase. Emphasizing what you repeat.
Rhyme using words that have matching sounds.
Rhythm Pattern of beats created by the words in a poem.
Sibilance Characterized by hissing s. sh. z conjures an aural impression for the reader.
Similies Comparing one thing to another using the words 'like' or 'as'.
Sonnet Traditional poem what is one stanza, and is always 14 lines long and has a rhyming couplet at the end.
Tone General mood or atmosphere that is communicated in the poem. often by the way in which something is expressed.
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