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What is the essence of the Trinity? Trinity is the coping stone of Christianity. Contrasted with the Cornerstone which the the essential part of the faith
What does Schl argue instead? the feeling of absolute dependence which means being fully dependent on the infinite being
What does S reject? The sugesstion that there is a distinction between the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.
What is the official doctrine on the Trinity according to the Catholic Church All the elements are coequal and they are coequal with the spirit.
What does schl say about doctrines? "Doctrines are only expressions of inward experiences" The Christian Faith
What does Marmion in An introduction to the trinity say about Schl? "Claims the Schleiermacher has to be seen as one of the major innovators in the theology of the Trinity, or responsible for its revival, are difficult to sustain" p.145
What does Schl think his works are doing in relation to the Trinity Sees his work as te first step to revision of the doctrine
Why does he want to talk about the divine activity? Because he wants to move beyond the static language of human and divine narures
Instead how does he understand redemption? In terms of reciving blessedness from Christ
What is the key to Hegel's idea on the trinity Notion of Knosis which is the emptying of God into the world throughout history
What is the word for Hegel's God aand explain this concept His idea for God is geist meaning spirit or mind who manifests himself in and through history, art, religion etc
What are the stages of religion in which the God consciousness realises himself? Greek, Jewish, Christianity and the age of Geist (Age of the spirit)
Explain the First stage (Greek religion) The divine in human form (statue of Apollo) but it is limited as it connected to the city state
Explain the second Jewish Religion which is universalistic but God remains too transcendent and the separation of the human and the divine leads to an unhappy God conscious
Explain the third Christianity in which true universality is reached without an excessively transcendent God. He reveals himself supremely and here Geist attains absolute self-consciousness
What is the realm of the Spirit (Geist) It belongs to God's nature and to reconcile himself the son returns to the father and we are living in the age of geist
Problems with Hegel Christ becomes a historical point of geist not about the salvation of our sins. K would argue it doesnt help us, Christ helps us confront our sins
Apart from the Historical problems with Hegel, what is another problem? Hegel is too abstract, he leads to the collpasing of the human into the divine and ultimately atheism
What is your argument that hegel is in fact anti-trinitarian? He actually may think he is being trinitrain but becuase he looses the centre of trinitraian theology which is slavation.
Give an example of a scholar scholar who talks about both hegel and Kierkegard T Altizer
What does he say about Hegel's trinitrain language "Hegelian trinitarian lamguage is a genuinely modern langauge as an orthodox langauge cannot be" - The apocolypitic trinity
What does he also say about K in realtion to H? "Kierkegaard, who could know both Hegelq and Hegeliansm as beig profoundly atheistic" "Thus creating whta kierkegaard could know an absolute offense" - This offence is using philospphy to jutsify theological notions.
What is Chrits Role of Kierkegaard? In coming to be a man is from being divine goes beyond the faculty of human reason and therefore can only be described as a paradox.
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