The Electron: X-Rays

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This flash card deck is based on X-rays. It covers how X-ray tubes work and the properties of X-rays. It is best used with the mind map on the electron and the note on X-rays.

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X-rays Electromagnetic radiation of extremely high frequency
Materials X-rays can penetrate Muscle, soft tissue, clothing
Materials X-rays cannot penetrate Dense materials such as metal or bone
Ionising effect of X-rays When X-rays pass through a material, they cause the atoms to lose electrons; which can cause damage to human tissue
Uses of X-rays Medicine to see if any bones are broken; Airport security to inspect luggage
Production of X-rays When high energy electrons collide with a metal target
Components of an X-ray tube Hot cathode, filament, vacuum, tungsten target, high anode voltage
Risks associated with X-rays Can damage DNA of cells, causing mutations which may lead to cancer
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